Brolly Postage Fun!

Well, I have recently added some lovely dome umbrellas for children in ladybird and butterfly designs. I carefully weighed them and calculated postage, and did all my stuff to get them on the site. Today I was very happy to have sold my first one. I had fun with the brown paper getting it all wrapped up, thinking of the postie delivering it, knowing straight away what it is. It’s like those cartoons where every gift wrapped up looks just like its actual shape and there’s no mystery! Anyway, I get to the Post Office with my parcels (including another strangely shaped one – a push-along ladybird toy, also involving a long stick), and hand it over happily. It’s only then I realise I’ve put the postage on wrong – durrrrr. An umbrella, even a child’s umbrella, is too long to be a package! Oh no, it is a standard parcel, and as such costs £2 more!!! Lucky first recipent of the brolly – you got a bargain there. Now all is sorted on the site and it won’t be happening again. You live and learn!

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