Back and buzzing….

Well, here we go back into it again. All new prices from suppliers mean starting again with pricing for me, but all shall be sorted very soon without too much of a hit to the customer, thankfully. I am still itching to add new lines to the shop, but need to re-stock a few favourites too. Our lovely fluffy ‘Wigglers’ – caterpillar puppets from The Puppet Company, have proved very popular since they joined us in November! I added my favourite picture as the main pic for the shop, and lo and behold, that is the style that sold out again and again! I am now going to make sure I have extra supplies of these cute characters.  Most recently our bee towels have been popular – must admit they are very cute. One customer ordered one , and then another one two days later. Can’t get better praise than that! Anyway, whilst holding back on adding new stock I still have loads of ideas for diversifying buzzing around in my head and I have to keep on top of those. My notebook is full, full full and after a lovely Christmas / New Year break  I am happy to be back and buzzing!

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