Dreaming of fingerless gloves!

Still cold in my corner under the stairs. Tried typing with gloves on but ended up accidentally sending off some half-complete feedback to a customer on Ebay – oops! Need some of those fab ’80s fingerless gloves I think – wish I had kept my electric pink ones. Anyway, once again I am trying to use Twitter correctly, but it seems there are all sorts of little politenesses, which I have overlooked. In particular I now find I need to check who has RT’d me, and thank them individually each time. Another mention is good for everyone and I totally understand why. So, I’ll be keeping a closer eye on things like that now – would hate people to think I am rude. I have to say, the best people on Twitter are the ones you can have a banter with, no hard sell, just nice normal tweeps who have something in common. For me, it’s other mums working from home and juggling kids, school, after-school clubs and their businesses. Always lovely to have a chat with any of those – especially if they do have a little look at my website www.onestopbugshop.co.uk  ;0)

Word of mouth is starting to work for The One Stop Bug Shop though, which is great! I had my 100th customer last week, which meant a bit of bubbly with hubby. Here’s to the next 100 lovely people to take home one of our fab bug-themed gifts!

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