Powered by #Zumba !

Today the One Stop Bug Shop is brought to you by the letter Z and the number 2. Z is for Zumba, which has been powering me along of late and really starting my days with a buzz on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when I do an hour each morning. The music is infectious, and there are plenty of well-known songs to warm up and down to as well. If I’m in the shower, or the kitchen, and one of those Zumba warm-up songs comes on I just can’t help doing my version of the dance I’ve been taught! Luckily it’s too much fun at classes to worry about how you look, and the people having the most fun always seem to be those collapsing in a fit of giggles at a step they just can’t get. Yes, there are one or two experts at the front, but a lot more of the ‘normal’ people trying to get to the back! Today my friends and I, usually hiding happily near the back, found ourselves pushed forwards as so many new people have started that they have taken over our ‘safe-spot’! No matter, we felt a bit vulnerable at first, but we were closer to the music, and the instructor, so off we went! ZUMBAAAAA! The number two is for my two lovely children, who inspired me to start the shop and without whom I would have no idea of these lovely products for little ones. I drop them off at school, maybe do a bit of Zumba, a few hours work at home, pick them up and then, once they are in bed, I can do a few more hours work. So, I can still be here to hear all about playing spies in the playground, or who helped to tidy up, what they learned today and to do reading and homework. How lucky am I?

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