Bugs are Back to Blogging…….

Hello stranger, you blog you. I am sorry I have neglected you for so long. Last time my link didn’t go to Twitter and I had a moment of harumphing and thinking I don’t have time for this etc etc. Anyway, I am sorting it now and it’ll be fine. So, what has changed in the world of Bugs recently? I have a few new lovely things in the shop, including the spider brolly pictured, appropriate for the current April showers we are having. I also added some really cute Kidorable bee T-shirts, Ladybird and butterfly bucket hats for the sunshine yet to come, and flip-flops which have clever elastic straps around the heel to keep them on little peoples’ feet! All this in the hope we get some lovely sunny weather in which your little munchkins can wear them. My social-media education is continuing, and I am a regular on Twitter now. Every Sunday between 5-7.30pm I am entering #SBS , in which small businesses tweet their biz to @Theopaphitis and he goes through them to choose 6 he rates. He then retweets these to his followers and you become part of a supportive club of other #’SBS winners. If you have never thought of doing this, please do, you never know! I happen to tweet with several #SBS winners on a regular basis and aspire to be able to join this group of wonderful business people! I know I am just one mum, working from home on my little business, but I don’t see why that should stop me from reaching for the stars! Cornish life is wonderful as ever. We had a warm and sunny Easter break, lots of visitors down here and we made the most of the beaches. Now we just hope these torrential rain showers will go away! 


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