Attention Budding Entomologists – Buggie Wonderland Alert!

Today I have finally added a range I have been hankering after for a while and I’m a happy bunny! I love cute & gorgeous gifts based around butterflies, ladybirds and the like, and enjoy selling these, but I know that bugs are also creepy crawlies that scuttle around your garden and provide a great curiosity for little ones too, and I wanted some products to help study these too. Now you can get your bug magnifiers and catchers at The One Stop Bug Shop! I have had this supplier’s catalogue for a while. Luckily I have a son who is slap bang in the middle of my target market, so his opinions were my guideline. He provided me with ticks and crosses next to the products he liked & wasn’t bothered about, and a big ‘I LOVE YOU’ written next to a couple of products too! Here’s a great favourite, the Creature-Peeper, which allows you to safely house the bug and view it from above and below at 3x magnification:


All of the new products come under the ‘Educational’ category in my shop as they all provide an insight into the life of bugs. You can house ants in a special (non-escape) ‘Anthill’ and watch them create a labyrinth of tunnels and hidey-holes in the special sand provided. You can purchase a butterfly habitat with  all you need to take care of five caterpillars through metamorphosis into beautiful butterflies! These are the products I did the most research on, understandably. I am happy to know that no live creatures come with the kit, these are purchased separately via a coupon in the kit (for an extra shipping charge) and sent directly from the manufacturer, along with the food supply. Phew, I was certainly not going to post caterpillars! I have had lots of people tell me these are amazing kits and fantastic for little ones to watch over the weeks it take for the transformation. Then you can enjoy releasing your butterflies into the wild!

I love these bug goggles too. I know both my children will be ‘seeing like a bug’ for some time to come, that’s for sure. Three fantastic bright colours, and prismatic lenses to show you what it’s like to have compound vision like an insect!


So, these products have brought balance to the shop! I am certain we shall be examining all sorts of creatures over the summer and learning about them. Fun and learning, what’s not to like?

P.S. The Big ‘I LOVE YOU’ from my son was for this fantastic bug catcher (mums, it’s hands-free – I’m thinking spiders here ;0)  )



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