Exciting Buggie News!

Well, my poor blog has been in hibernation for a while, and I thought now would be the perfect time to come and tell you all my news! The next step of making The One Stop Bug shop has been made. I have spent the last few months making a brand new website, to run alongside the Ebay shop. The difference is that, unlike on Ebay, I now have the freedom to add certain products I could not before! This is my main reason for taking the plunge. All my lovely puppets have come over to the new site, due to changes in the rules of the supplier, and there will soon be more buggie friends there that cannot be sold on Ebay! This should soon become the Bug Shop of my (crazy, ladybird-spotted) dreams!

So, I suddenly had to become familiar with a whole new world of widgets and html, frustrating buttons that won’t go where I put them, and the tiniest little things becoming yet another learning experience for me. Luckily I chose to use a build-it-yourself company, so I have some support along the way (they may be fed up of all my emails by now of course!). The company was recommended to me by lovely, experienced twitter friends and supporters. Again, I have to say, the twitter community is a real support to new businesses and I wouldn’t be without them! The lovely Alison from https://twitter.com/AlisCraftStudio went above and beyond to offer advice (thank you Ali). And Sarah from https://twitter.com/Lilac_Dragonfly  has also helped with advice, being a lot more experienced on site-building than me (Thanks Sarah!)

So, after a while, I realised I had better just make this thing live and carry on tweaking things along the way. I mean, otherwise, would I ever have been happy with it? So, the brand new, bright and bold, labour of love that is http://www.onestopbugshop.co.uk  (phase two of the plan hatched in 2011) is here! To celebrate I’m having a competition to #win this fab caterpillar sockette puppet, who goes by the name of Chris:



To enter, just find me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheOneStopBugShop and like the page, then share the competition post, OR just RT my competition posts coming up on twitter https://twitter.com/OneStop_BugShop . The winner is being picked out of a hat tomorrow, Sunday 22nd Sept at 6pm. Good luck!

I am very excited about the new look site, and hope you will love it too! Feedback is very welcome :0)

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