Whirlwind Week!

Well, the launch of the website went well and I have had lots of positive reaction to it. The competition was very well spread and Chris the Caterpillar was sent off to his new owner, so I was a happy bug anyway on Sunday. Once the draw had been taken I flew over to Twitter to send my weekly #SBS tweet to Theo Paphitis. Every Sunday small businesses like me are able to tweet Theo with the hashtag #SBS between 5 and 7.30pm and he then re-tweets his favourite six on the Monday evening at 8pm. I have been entering #SBS for over a year. I have tried funny, silly, serious, straight, topical and rhyming tweets to win Theo’s attention and recognition. I even made a little spoof video of Dragon’s Den called ‘Dragonfly’s Den’ with my family and was brave enough to send it to both him and Deborah Meadon!

So, that done I just carried on as normal. Often on a Monday, depending on how well bedtime goes, I am able to sneak a peek at 8pm over on Twitter and wish my fellow tweeters ‘Good Luck’ for #SBS. This time, however, my son had been on a walk with cubs and was hyper. I was reading to him in his bedroom when the phone rang. I’m afraid I just ignored it thinking I would check later who had called. The it rang again 5 mins later and I immediately panicked! Someone really wanted to get hold of me, so I had to go and check.

On the answerphone was an excited (VERY) Scottish voice. I’m sorry Ally @vital_pa but I couldn’t understand a word first time around ;0) , So, I listened again and it went something like “Hi Siân, It’s Ally Vital PA, YOU’VE WON Get on Twitter now pleeeease” This time I got the ‘you’ve won’ bit and I just went all wobbly, really! Very strange feeling. So, I looked at my phone – over 100 new mentions? That’s not normal, since I had looked about half an hour earlier and only had a couple! At this point my son was out of bed saying “What’s happened, what’s happened?”.

So, on with the computer and there it was, I had won #SBS !! So, the weird wobbly feeling got wobblier as the phone rang AGAIN. This time I had the lovely Kim @Welshroyalcrystal on the other end saying she’d called all of Mevagissey trying to get hold of me! My son immediately assumed Theo was calling me and shouted “Did she win because of Dragonfly’s Den?”. At this point I think I got a little screechy (sorry Kim) with excitement and started thinking of everything I would need to do this week. I did manage to pour myself a glass of red, as my son put ‘Celebrate’ by Kool and the Gang on o his CD player and started bouncing on the bed (yep bedtime was a bit of a disaster that night)! He also asked if I would buy him his own TV now….hmmmmm!

So now I am having a very hectic week. Lots to do, and I keep pinching myself that this has really happened. For some time I’ve been part of a supportive, exclusive group of wonderful businesses on Twitter called #SBSWIW (#SBS Winners in Waiting) who provide encouragement and exchange ideas with each other. I’m now keeping everything crossed for my fellow #SBSWIW to follow me into this new club. I am ‘meeting’ other #SBS winners every day via Twitter and I hope to meet them in reality when we have the #SBS Winners Event in November, when the man himself, Theo Paphitis will be there to offer his advice to us all.

Here’s the tweet that caught his eye:



I feel like the new website played a part here. I was selling soley on Ebay before that. I don’t know that for sure though, and I am just pleased that Mr. Paphitis decided my shop was worthy of his recognition!

So, if you do are doing #SBS the motto remains, Never Give Up! :0)


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