No Lemons Allowed!

Easter hols are coming to a close as we approach Easter in Cornwall, and we have tried to reserve the sweet treats for nearer the big day. So, today we made an Easter cake, in place of the chocolate nests we tend to do every year. Not such a dramatic thing to do with a 5 and 8 year old you’d think, but not so in our house! For some reason I lost it and put the sugar and flour in together at the start,(should have been the marg and sugar)  and so ended up just bunging all the ingredients in and crossing fingers! Well now, since the last blog regarding baking I have had the good fortune to have been bought a new oven by my lovely in-laws! I think this may have been more out of concern at the prospect of me poisoning their grandchildren with under-cooked food…it’s ….so….SHINY!!!



Look, you can see through the door and everything. Who needs TV when you can watch muffins rising through pristine glass? It’s a bit of a dream come true as now I have the chance to keep my very own oven clean, rather than struggle to keep an old one clean. Sad to be so excited about that I know!

Anyway, the cake was fine, probably due to the miraculously efficient oven. Once it was cooled we moved on to decorating it and my 8 year old son and I settled quickly on some yummy lemon icing to go on the chocolate sponge. Well, this prompted the most unusual over-reaction from my 5 year old daughter. Her first attempt to stop me making the icing was to write out several prohibition signs and sick them all around the kitchen!


“Mum says no lemon allowed”.

Well, actually, mum said “I’m making lemon icing as it’s gorgeous” – my son and I just laughed and carried on as normal. However, she then saw me adding the lemon zest and hit the roof! (sorry, I laughed again). She stormed upstairs saying she was leaving and we’d never see her again. “I won’t miss you, bye” chimes in my son, as we wait to see what will happen next. I finished the icing and called several times to my daughter to stop being silly & come and help us with the cake. She did come down eventually, with three big bags packed for ‘leaving home’ . One bag contained a swimming float and plastic ball. One contained a bracelet and hair clip, another had her favourite toy and her bicycle helmet, along with a lipbalm stick. The last bag was her school PE kit! “Wow, are you going to need all this?” said I, “Why not just taste this terrible lemon icing?”. To her credit she tasted it, and smiled. She admitted straight away that it was very nice, and so decided not to leave home! Lucky for her, as the cake turned out to look very tempting, even though the icing is too runny (in my determination to make the lemon icing I put too much juice in). My son added three white mini eggs as fangs sticking out of the middle of the cake – maybe to represent the ‘monster’ element!


Anyone who’s read my previous blogs will recognise my son’s slowly disintegrating toy leopard, once again getting in on the photo. I should also point out, my daughter models her butterfly tabard, which she uses for cooking and painting alike as it’s a lovely wipe-clean PVC, available from my bug shop here:


Hope you and your little monsters have a fantastic Easter!


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