Back to School Rite of Passage


We’re nearly at the end of week one of the new school year here and I’ve been really surprised at how much I can’t stop thinking about my eldest, who started Secondary school for the first time this week. It’s such a strange feeling – are we allowed to feel like this now that they’re the grand age of 11 and off on their next adventure?

I sort of thought I should be really cool about it and just accept that he’s growing up, but inside the mummy in me is screaming “Oh no – what will happen to my boy out in the world of big school?!” Will he miss the bus, will he get picked on for being the smallest (only turned 11 in August), will he make too much effort trying to make people laugh and get in trouble, or come across as a total nutter? Will he even tell me ANYTHING about what he’s doing and what it’s like? Considering how little I used to get out of him about Primary school, there isn’t much hope in this department.

Anyway, the point of my rambling is just that we go through various ‘Rites of Passage’ in our lives, and starting Secondary school is definitely up there. I guess it’s not only a Rite of Passage for the kids though, it’s also one for us mums and dads!

sian-jack-beth-at-izzies-weddingI’m bursting with pride at the fact that he has taken it all in his stride (and it’s just me attempting to hide my wibbly wobbly worried feelings rather than him). Funnily enough, that’s exactly how I felt when he started Primary school!

I’ve realised now that, as parents, we watch them go off to their new adventures with those same feelings no matter how old they are. There will definitely be a few more ‘moments’ to get through in the future. So, to all the others out there feeling like I do – maybe we’ll get better at it, more ‘cool’ and less wobbly, but in my case, probably not!


(Any and all advice happily received to help deal with the looming changes from parent of boy to parent of teenager -arghhhhhh!).

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